Terms, Conditions of Sales, Warranty & Discount

The image can be sold directly to the new owner, when there are no gallery representing my art in a 300 miles radius of the owner’s address. If required by the buyer, a gallery could be the intermediate between the artist and the new owner. A profit margin will be granted to the gallery and the owner will renounce to volume discount.

The integrity of our images has two warranties: the image’ manufacturer which is 75 years for paper and inks and our 50 years stability of colors and paper replacement if degradation is not directly related to a harsh environment or an accident or incident with the printed picture. Notice that no firm guarantees a printed images if the medium is subject to direct sunlight for more than 4 hours a day or at temperatures not allowing the thermal comfort of a person without a continuous air conditioning.

Artist policy for the protection of your investment and the declare insured value.

  • Each Fine Art Print will be limited to 50 pieces worldwide with the exception of the signed souvenir format (for some of them).
  • Each numbered picture will be associated to one signed certificate. A progressive and cumulative registry is kept at the artist office with the nominative information’s of the owner associated with a certificate identified as COPY.
  • At any time, a written request could be submitted to know the position in the registry of such a numbered copy.
  • Generally, the value of an artist increases as the prints are sold to the end user (consumer and not reseller).


  • Prices are based on the normal profit of the artist at this time in his career and an extra margin for the representing agent in between the artist and the end buyer.
  • A substantial discount can be applied for multiple purchases to the same customer.
  • Volume discounts are also discussed for an exposure of the artist work in a location where the pictures are systematically and professionally presented to potential buyers.
  • All product sold outside of north America are assembled on the continent of destination by an industry certified expert in mounting and framing and certified by local industry. 
  • The printing process is under strict supervision by the artist.

Michel Thibert

Through his photographic signature, Michel Thibert invites the viewer to experience, with him, areas that one may otherwise never see. His use of vanishing points allows us to "enter" nature, not physically but emotionally. This pushes us to go further in a shared perspective. Michel's work will carry you in a tumult of landscape of impressions, fields, mountains, rivers and clouds.

Michel Thibert Landscape Photographer

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