Artist’s Declaration

For each of the 6 distinct collections that are exhibited on the web, I offer in each of them my best images. Currently, I am not offering any documentary or reportage. My photographs reflect my emotions and contain the information necessary to understand my message and sometimes a story. They are also an expression of my inner feelings towards Mother Nature and the environments that influence me. My interpretations are more poetic than objective or descriptive. My compositions always try to describe and use a certain depth in the image; clouds and lights always contribute to the decisive moment when I trigger the camera.

The compositions that I propose are not always clear. Sometimes chaos reflects a certain reality which is a pure representation of the reality as I see it. I love to find extraordinary beauty in ordinary places. More than anything, I never follow everyone's path to a famous location; instead, I try to take the uncut paths, the ones that no one would bother to tread. With the exception of my striking panoramas, I rarely capture a large, iconic landscape. I prefer to find a unique and meaningful slice of space and time.

Through my lenses, I see more than just trees and rocks. I see lines, shapes, colors and the complex interplay between light and shadow. The final photograph is a dialogue between nature and me.

When humans are present in my photos, I ask their permission beforehand. I do not coerce animals or use automatic or optical triggering for my device. I like to create images. Our team has complementary talents and all of our equipment is professional grade. From my artist's solitude, there are no safeguards that arise from the looks and words of others.

Highlights of the artistic and structural development of the last 10 years



Wake-Up Call


2010 marked my return to photography as a vocation. Over the following years, I updated my technical notions by moving from film to digital. My first public exhibition featured pictures from Nunavut in Canada. This helped initiate my fine art / landscape portfolio as a professional and artistic positioning.

First steps


In 2011, a lot of effort went into building our team. Patricia Sinclair, an experienced and certified digital editor was the first to join the team. With an increased demand for prints, a second business relationship was successful with DPI printing experts. The two were still part of the team in 2014. We participated in 4 public exhibitions in order to refine the style and the quality of our prints.

Landscapes 202


The year 2012 was characterized by a segmentation of our landscape photos. We offered a few collections that referred to two orientations: scenes with evocative tendencies and more descriptive aerial views aimed at a more commercial use. A partnership was established with a few manufacturers to resolve the issues and constraints associated with the specifics of capturing images in the True North. We held 5 public exhibitions.

Seconde nature


In 2013, we were delighted to collaborate with a number of active and experienced professionals who allowed me to realize and establish the visual cohesion of my style. The famous portrait photographer Edouard de Blay is still a source of inspiration for his in-depth knowledge and his production of iconic images. We attended two master classes and consolidated Hasselblad's medium format equipment with some specific with Schneider Optics R&D. The latter marked a significant shift towards printing very large format fine art prints. Four public exhibitions in 2013 were followed by a new website and 2 public exhibitions in 2014. René Déry, a senior graphic designer joined the group in February 2014 and is still with us in 2020. 

Awakening towards Fine Art


Wanting to resolve a confusion of visual signatures, the group decided to associate similar image intentions under 4 different websites. Fine arts, design and stock photography. The nature of each image category is aimed at specific customer needs. This direction was a result of the awareness of the important distinction between photographer as a profession and the vocation of artist / photographer. Kedl - Visual Solutions has joined us. It was a year of re-entry and exits in 21 months of social networks. These rapid media networks do not correspond to the fine arts segments which inspire the development of the group the most.

Eyes of Emotions


Participation in the portfolio assessment as part of Fotofest 2016 allowed discussions on the current achievements and potential of our team. We have supported and participated in publications at Terra-Quantum, Photo Pentaprism and produced a video on the schism unfolding in Nunavut. The momentum is there. Development will be above all an artistic one. Conceptual tools were developed in order to develop a significant artistic signature more quickly. The use of Eyes of Emotions testifies to this orientation. Mother Nature’s teardrops was the first Collection to be developed. Each of the Collections are unique and have very specific characteristics. These are not intended to limit or reduce the creative sources but to target the essential artistic intention.

Human Realities


The views on Human Realities were made concrete by the collection of: Forgotten & Artisans. With the invaluable advice of Broncolor Paris and Alpa of Switzerland, we started our first portraits by approaching the antipode of professional fashion models. The search for certain qualities and human conditions made it possible to continue this journey by focusing attention on the places of concentration that matched a certain DNA. Two books were completed, a photography program pilot as well as the creation of the Connect tool which allows us to target techniques and discard less relevant visual propositions. Three of the members of the group were exhibitors at the Salon de la Photo in Paris in co-promotion with Terra Quantum. Obviously, it was a time of great privileged moments with this immersion. Indeed, Paris offered 3 concomitant exhibitions at levels well established by the price of the presented works. We have invested, without convincing success, in an immersive printing technique by performing our so-called tonal separation manipulations.



2019 was devoted to feeling, conceptualizing, and materializing photos that go beyond the postcard. "More than a simple collection of photographs, my snapshots of lives and emotions they convey bear witness to a world whose authenticity fascinates modern man. By having severed his links with nature, modern man has become an orphan wondering about the meaning of his life. The collection of these "testimonies" aims to challenge us and refer us to our origins, our DNA, our authenticity. " We are now in partnership with Print Partner from Toronto which delivers high level quality prints and a range of print types in large format.



So much, too much and so little was written and said since January 2020. COVID 19 is affecting us all.  The direct impacts are still obvious.  For the group it gave us a PAUSE from travelling, capturing, editing and delivering.  We needed to state the obvious, our obvious from the last 10 years of production and the cut I had to live with my main income.  We had the time to reflect and challenge: "Deliverer of inner peace" is the sum of our production from the last 10 years. Revealed across 6 Collections, it’s our proof!      



Michel Thibert

Through his photographic signature, Michel Thibert invites the viewer to experience, with him, areas that one may otherwise never see. His use of vanishing points allows us to "enter" nature, not physically but emotionally. This pushes us to go further in a shared perspective. Michel's work will carry you in a tumult of landscape of impressions, fields, mountains, rivers and clouds.

Michel Thibert Landscape Photographer

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